About Us

The Biz

Our family biz was established in 2004 and after several years we found our niche.  

What we do, we do well!

We have a climate controlled shop and we adhere to an internationally recognized system for protecting exterior wood, and fibreglass doors (process designed in Italy). 

EXTERIOR WOOD DOORS - We stain and lacquer Calgary’s highest quality, and locally built wood doors. 

Mahogany, Oak, Douglas Fir and more.

WINDOWS - The interior wood frames of windows and their casings are stained or painted to the custom color of your choosing using exterior quality laquer.

FIBREGLASS DOORS AND FRAMES are transformed into stunning home entry systems. Our artisans hand finish to simulate wood grain on fibreglass for a truly unique and one of a kind finish. We create beauty and durability for weathering Canadian winters and Alberta dry summers.

INTERIOR DOOR AND CASING are painted or stained to match other wood in you home.