About Us

 A few years ago I (Gerry Bast) was in the parts department of a major RV store. I was feeling very proud of the paint job I had just completed on my 1970's 14' Beachcomber. I decided to show a photo to a person who was accustomed to RV'ers buying parts for $200,000 motorhomes. 

The response was less than encouraging. We now serve The Lovers of Little Campers. Bolers. Trilliums. Beachcombers. Scamps.

And they are the most appreciative group I have ever worked with! 

The Little Camper Painter provides Exterior Painting and finishing with products extensively tested to perform in all Canadian weather! We all know how Western Canada can get!

Working with Ian Giles to bring products to the DIY crowd as well as full service repair and restoration for small campers of all shapes and sizes. Check out more from Ian at www.campingtreasures.com

Variety of  paint colors to choose from, holding on through any weather Alberta has to throw at us, Little  Camper Painters are here to help.

Pull into the season with a new and fresh look!